FASTBRACES® Technology was developed as a fast, safe and affordable solution to straighten teeth.

FASTBRACES® Technology allows for simultaneous movement of both the crowns and roots of teeth towards their desired positions. From your very first appointment FASTBRACES® begins torquing teeth and producing results in half the time of normal braces. Patients often achieve their desired results with less sensitivity than normal braces, in about a year, and sometimes, in just a few months. This process has been developed and tested for over 25 years and is available in countries worldwide. FASTBRACES® are fast, safe, easy and affordable especially when compared to standard braces. The unique, patented, triangular designed braces are the trademark of this cutting edge technology. The techniques and a special heat-activated wire, of FASTBRACES® is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics and we are excited to offer this amazing alternative to standard braces at our practice.